Understanding Male Psychology – What Sex Means to Him

Do you wonder what sex means to you? Do you want to have a great relationship, but sex seems to be in the way? Do you wonder if you need to make the guy you are seeing wait for sex? Sex has become a difficult issue. It is no longer a clear cut issue that it was in days gone by. That leaves many women wondering what sex means to him.

Days Gone By.
History has gone through a lot of different stages. At one time men weren’t allowed to have sex with women unless they were going to marry them. Having sex with a woman before marriage brought about serious issues. Then history changed a bit and women started having sex with men, but it wasn’t talked about much. Women were told though that men wouldn’t, “buy a cow if he could get the milk for free”. With women’s rights, women’s liberation, and feminism women were allowed to enjoy sex. It was okay to enjoy it, to admit it, and these things didn’t make you a bad person. However with all these historical changes women are confused as to how they get the relationship they want and what sex means to him.

Sex and Relationships.
For many women it is easy to connect with a man emotionally when you have sex. This can make a woman think that there is a level of commitment there that just doesn’t have to be there for a man. Men easily think of sex and relationships as different things that aren’t tied together in any way. He will have no problem having sex with you while not building any other sort of relationship. This can be hard for women, but sex and relationships don’t have to go hand in hand.

Becoming Girlfriend Material.
In order to become girlfriend material in the eyes of men you will really need to make him wait for sex. You need to give him time to build a bond with you that is deeper then the physical. This is because sex will give him the connection that he needs and is easier than an emotional one. Make sure you wait for sex till you know what he wants and till you have started to make a bonded relationship.

What Sex Means To Him.
Boiled down in its simplified form and understanding that not all men are exactly the same, most men think of sex as a physical need and an enjoyable practice. It has nothing to do with love and can take place outside of a relationship. Many men even think it can take place outside a relationship easier then in one.

Sex is a complicated thing. If you want to have some fun and are just looking for sex then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you want to have a relationship and become his girlfriend then you will need to know what sex means to him and you will need to wait until you know each other better before having sex.

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This article is contributed by Tina Jones. Tina is part of the Unforgettable Woman Publishing Team. She works together with founder Alexandra Fox and writes dating/relationship articles for women who want to understand male psychology, how to attract men, and find true love. You can find more about Unforgettable Woman Publishing by visiting their website.

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How To Enjoy Anal Sex

If you’re feeling like one day you woke up and suddenly it was all about anal, you’re not alone. It’s like the vagina has become the boring older sister. She was hot once but now they’re all lusting over the smaller tighter one…

So with all this attention on the rear, the question is, do women enjoy anal sex and what’s in it for you? Thankfully, the answer is yes! Many women love it and even prefer it to vaginal sex with more intense, full body orgasms. So how do you learn how to have anal sex properly and get you some of that?

Firstly it’s not for everyone but if you would like to learn how to have anal sex, understand it’s a process. If you have tried it once, maybe twice before with regrettable results, like a lot of first timers you may not have taken the full necessary measures to prepare the body. Understandably just the thought can lead to a lot of anticipation. But thinking about how to have anal sex for the first time is a lot like considering regular vaginal sex as a virgin. It’s a little scary and a little exciting. You’re expecting a bit of pain and you know it will be awkward but still you trust all the information you have ever received, you know you will eventually enjoy it. So why should anal sex be any different?

How To Enjoy Anal Sex

Start by learning to love and acknowledge your bum. If you’ve never really considered your back passage before, learning about it can be quite liberating. What wonders and mysteries does it hold? Have you have been neglecting an area of your body that is potentially capable of extraordinary sexual experiences?

A good way to begin is by experimenting on you in your own time. This is an incredibly foreign area to many people. You must become familiar with your own body first and comfortable with touching and experimenting with your anus before moving on to a partner.

Start by lubing a finger and gently rub around your anus taking time to explore. Light movements will help to heighten its many nerve endings and should feel pleasurable. Start to apply more pressure and insert your finger. At this point, you will hit your internal sphincter that might be quite a shock. Your likely reaction will be to get your fingers as far away from your bum as possible.

Learning to understand the internal sphincter is essential when learning how to have anal sex. Unlike the external sphincter that you can tighten or relax, the internal sphincter is an involuntary muscle. Its important job is to keep bodily product in that is not ready to be expelled and assist when its time to get it out.

Many people falter with anal sex when they hit the internal sphincter. Because you can’t control it, its normal reaction is to contract and tighten when a finger or something larger is poking at it from the other end. However, it can only tighten for a certain length of time before it tires and loosens on its own. With gentle persistence, usually after about a minute, the muscle will stop contracting and relax. At this point, you should be able to continue with slow pain free insertion.

Over time you will become more accustomed to how this feels. Small vibrators or a dildo are excellent tools to help you practice and gradually get you used to the sensation of larger objects. It is important to start out small than boldly try with a penis straight away. The anus has the ability to stretch, however as you progress with toys, beware. The bum really is like the black hole. The body will without mercy suck objects in like a vacuum. Ensure your toy of choice has a flat end to prevent any mishaps that would require surgical removal.

How To Have Anal Sex With A Partner

When moving on to include your partner, understandably, the ewh factor is very real and hygiene preparation is a must. Your body cannot be at its most relaxed when your mind is not at ease. Enjoy an erotic shower with your partner beforehand and start the foreplay by cleaning each others bits until they are squeaky clean.

It also goes without saying that a pre sex bowel movement is essential. When it’s not possible to go on command, over the counter enemas are a popular and effective way to ensure your peace of mind.

Now that you are clean, your body then needs to be worked to the point where you can’t wait for anal penetration to begin. As well as regular foreplay it is best to also participate in Anallingus. If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of your partners tongue up your bum, you may need a rethink. You are preparing for a large erect penis to enter a very tight downward chute. The sensation of a loving partner tickling and teasing, licking and blowing is a very sensible way to prepare your whole body and mind for the bigger and better things to come.

Before attempting penetration you must firstly apply lubricant liberally all over his penis. Also have him insert it right up in to your anus using his fingers. Doggy style is usually perceived as the easiest way to begin, however your muscles are far more relaxed in the missionary position. As well as allowing for easier insertion, missionary position is also beneficial for beginners due to its intimate nature. You can continue to kiss, and talk to each other directly, guiding him to continue further or stop when you need a break.

When you are ready, breathe out and ‘push out’ as he begins to push in. You may feel a stretch or a pinch. Insertion is the hardest part of the process but it should never be forced. When you are ready it will be easier to build momentum once his penis gets past a certain point, usually a couple of inches past the shaft.

Continue slowly, always talking to your partner. As he moves in further you may have the feeling that you need to go to the toilet. If you have done everything to prepare beforehand, this is only a natural reflex. Your body is used to pushing objects out the other way. Stop for a moment until the urge passes.

If you are finding it painful it is important to stop and retrace your steps. Your body probably wasn’t prepared as much as it could have been. Practice and good preparation should lead to a pain free experience.

Finally, it’s unlikely you experienced an orgasm the first, or first few times you had vaginal sex and anal sex is no different. Many women report that while learning how to have anal sex it’s the sense of erotica that is different to vaginal sex, that keeps them persisting and practicing to reach the ultimate in climax.

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Do You Want Amazing Sex?

You just got lucky and are about to learn how to get all the amazing sex you want!

But if you’re looking for some hard core porn nonsense you’re at the wrong place and might as well get out now.

Amazing Sex is not just about physical sex it’s about the intimate relationship and special communication skills that you can learn, use and share with your partners. If you learn these skills they will lead you quickly down a path to unbelievably hot amazing sex. With a little work you can learn how to be the best lover your partner has ever had. Once you learn these secrets, your partners will literally be begging you for more. I know you’ve heard all of the hype before. But there are secret communication skills and physical acts that can lead you to an unbelievable sex life. Trust us you don’t need to be a physical god or goddess to have great sex.

What you do need is a genuine commitment to obtain knowledge and develop the skills that will make you an unbelievable lover. The reward will be the most amazing sex for you and your partners.

What you are about to learn is how to get the knowledge and skills to become a world-class lover. If you take action you will learn how to make sex amazing and give more satisfaction than any time in your life.

Michael Webb (of Oprah fame) is the author of “500 Intimate Questions for Couples”.

We thought it would be fun to check out his e-book and asked our friends and staff members to do some test runs with their spouses. The people involved ranged from couples that had been married for years to dating couples that were just starting to hook up.

Anyway, what started out as a juvenile experiment to get some laughs suddenly became unbelievably popular with us. No one could believe how excited we were to share our stories. Don’t get me wrong we didn’t get into the juicy details, but the reports were all pretty much the same, this program worked!

This is generally how it went down…

We decided to do an experiment by asking our partners a few questions based on recommendations from the book. Expecting the conversations to be short, we were shocked when most of us reported having incredibly intimate talks with our spouses. Some of the conversations lasted for up to two hours and believe it or not all of us, that’s 100% of us ended up getting lucky. All of us reported the most amazing sex. Not a bad showing for a quick experiment.

Anyway we tried it again and guess what?

It happened again, we all had these great conversations and some truly amazing sex.

We knew we were onto something and decided that we needed to share this with everyone. So here’s the skinny…

“500 Intimate Questions for Couples” is an e-book written by Michael Webb, he has written a whole series of relationship related e-books and has been featured on shows like Opera.

The concept is pretty simple-first it is based on the truth that amazing sex is possible for anyone and second that the foundation for amazing sex is communication and intimacy.

Although his book seems simple -“500 intimate Questions For Couples” is much more than just a bunch of questions about sex and intimacy, the book reveals the specific order and settings that will lead to more open communication and increased intimacy between you and your partners.

Overall it’s a great idea. You put a whole bunch of questions together and teach specific techniques for creating real dialog about sex. Our group found that things really heated up when we started asking our partners questions after we had had a few drinks and were relaxed and having fun. The questions were well written and had a very logical progression that made our conversations fun and exciting. It didn’t take too long to get to the “nitty-gritty” questions and they were actually lots of fun to ask and to answer.

But, you probably shouldn’t go through more than 30-50 questions at a time. Not only do the questions stir up great conversations, they can get really emotional and can lead to the most amazing sex. In fact, if you follow the steps outlined in his book you may find that “500 Intimate Questions for Couples” ­ is better than porn for guys and better than a romance novel for women.

Fletcher MacFlin’s Website


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This is not Pornography

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Better Sex: 5 Tips to Improve Your Love Life

Are you dissatisfied with your sex life and looking to have better sex? You are certainly not alone. It is estimated that more than half of the people in a sexually active relationship would like it to be better. In fact, sexual dissatisfaction is one of the major reasons people in a marriage or relationship become unfaithful and have an affair. This is a great shame, but what many couples lack, however, are ideas on how to improve your sex life. Here are five tips that you can use to get things humming in the bedroom:

    1. Make sex a special occasion. You don’t need to reserve your sex only to a special occasion, of course, but when was the last time you did something really special? If you are used to ‘grabbing’ sex when you can because of your busy lifestyle, a special ‘sex evening’ or ‘sex weekend’ can do wonders for your relationship and your general well being. Go out to dinner and book a nice hotel. Plan a lovely meal with wine in a romantic setting. Being able to relax and have some distraction from your day to day life can really enhance your libido.
    1. Choose a different setting. It is amazing how the environment can have a different effect on our thoughts about sex. How about sex on a secluded beach or forest glade?
    1. Watch an erotic movie together. The Erotic section at your local movie rental library is a great source of movies that can really get you going sexually. Plan a quiet night with some wine, candles and a really sensual movie.
    1. Visit a swingers club. Aren’t you even slightly curious about what goes on at a swingers club? If you are hesitant about this idea, remember that at such places you will not be put under any pressure to do anything. In fact, the rule of ‘no pressure’ is usually strictly applied. People will be very friendly and welcoming. Owners are also usually quite happy to provide you with a guided tour of the premises as well.
  1. Play a sex game. You can probably invent your own game but ‘spin the bottle’ and ‘strip poker’, although well known, are still great ways to add some fun to your sex life.

Any effort you put into improving your love life is very worthwhile for the health of your relationship. I hope these better sex tips will give you some ideas.

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Straight Answers to Questions on Sex

We thought that title might grab your attention, especially as it follows the royal wedding. What a statement about our society that the royal couple would be living together and most likely having sex long before marriage and the “first kiss” before an adoring crowd!

It’s not considered scandalous, but it should be. Sex is not worth waiting for in our society. Marriage is just a sheet of paper rather than the divine institution it is supposed to be. And as a follow-up to our royal wedding blog, where sex normally follows marriage and not the other way around, we present a question from a blog follower and our answer, about sex:

Question:I have heard from people that Adam and Eve did not have sex for forty years and then only after Satan had sex with her. I think that this to was a type of Passover that never brought any joy. I also hear that for a thousand years after Jesus returns there will not be any sex. So why would anyone want to enter this type of joy that passes over sex?

Answer: You have an interesting comment and question. The forty-year no-sex idea re: Adam and Eve is quite possible, but we have no proof of it. However, Genesis 4:1 has certain implications in the Hebrew.

Whether or not the “man” Eve had sex with was indeed her husband Adam, which it appears is the case, the indication is that Satan appeared to her as he often does, as an angel of light, masquerading as “the Eternal” or Jesus, and seduced her before her husband could impregnate her. It seems the child Cain was from or “with the Eternal” or the false creator Satan.

John speaks of Cain, who was of the evil one (I John 3:12). Verses have many meanings, and this verse could imply not only the fact that Cain was of Satan in the sense of being evil, but that he was also in a literal sense the son of Satan by virtue of Satan converting into physical form to have sex with Eve just before Adam did.

Genesis 3:15 takes on added meaning in this scenario. Satan actually had a literal seed in the line of Cain, the evil line. But the prophecy shows Eve would one day have another seed other than Cain, not only the righteous lines of Abel and Seth, but the Messiah, Jesus, who would one day come from her ancestry to defeat and destroy Satan’s seed.

The final revival of the Roman Empire will be associated with a great church that bears the mark of Cain, the eight-pointed star and the Sunday worship Cain started, the mark of Cain and the mark of the beast.

As far as the typically masculine comments on sex, yes, there will be sex in the Millennium among the physical people. The church is the Bride of Jesus and those saints will have glorified physical bodies like Jesus, with flesh and bone and no blood, sustained by the life of God, with inherent eternal life. The indications are that they will have a unifying experience with their Bridegroom that is far more pleasurable than physical sex.

It’s hard, especially for men it seems, to envision anything that could surpass the pleasure of sex, but God says at His right hand are pleasures forevermore, and He only gives good things. Don’t you think the good God who gave us in marriage the wonderful blessing of sex and mutual sexual satisfaction would give a much greater equivalent in His future plan of ecstasy between Jesus and His bride?

Young people especially who may miss out on the joys of marital sex will not be deprived of a similar and more fulfilling and pleasurable experience forever, in view of the indications of the original languages, and it makes sense because God wants His children to have the best of pleasures. He does not want them to be deprived of any good thing. It is only as we are willing to put Him first that He says He will add all things to us and give us richly all things to enjoy.

We men especially need to realize, in this sex-crazed society that surrounds us and beckons us, that sex is not everything, and that sex is not a need like food and water, even though some men may think it is. Jesus lived over thirty-three years without physical sex, and He was the most joyous and happy man that ever lived, even though He endured His share of sorrows that He laid down to His Father. He was looking forward to the intimacy and ecstasy of love with His future bride, a mystery we have not yet fully unraveled.

Robert B. Scott is an author, pastor, and healing and teaching evangelist. He pastors Freedom Church of God in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he is a regular speaker on the popular radio Internet station, http://www.freedomtruthseekers.com. His author web site is http://www.robertbscott.net, He has published “Why Doesn’t God Heal Me?” as well as “Peace or Rejection — You Choose.” His latest book is, “Bible Code Broken — The Truth about the Christian Sabbath. Soon to be published is “God’s Fruit of Forgiveness,” an insightful book on forgiveness he co-authors with Youth Pastor Scott Bishop. Robert is priviileged to work with Gerald Budzinski, who is one of the foremost authorities today on curses and demonic strongholds.

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