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You just got lucky and are about to learn how to get all the amazing sex you want!

But if you’re looking for some hard core porn nonsense you’re at the wrong place and might as well get out now.

Amazing Sex is not just about physical sex it’s about the intimate relationship and special communication skills that you can learn, use and share with your partners. If you learn these skills they will lead you quickly down a path to unbelievably hot amazing sex. With a little work you can learn how to be the best lover your partner has ever had. Once you learn these secrets, your partners will literally be begging you for more. I know you’ve heard all of the hype before. But there are secret communication skills and physical acts that can lead you to an unbelievable sex life. Trust us you don’t need to be a physical god or goddess to have great sex.

What you do need is a genuine commitment to obtain knowledge and develop the skills that will make you an unbelievable lover. The reward will be the most amazing sex for you and your partners.

What you are about to learn is how to get the knowledge and skills to become a world-class lover. If you take action you will learn how to make sex amazing and give more satisfaction than any time in your life.

Michael Webb (of Oprah fame) is the author of “500 Intimate Questions for Couples”.

We thought it would be fun to check out his e-book and asked our friends and staff members to do some test runs with their spouses. The people involved ranged from couples that had been married for years to dating couples that were just starting to hook up.

Anyway, what started out as a juvenile experiment to get some laughs suddenly became unbelievably popular with us. No one could believe how excited we were to share our stories. Don’t get me wrong we didn’t get into the juicy details, but the reports were all pretty much the same, this program worked!

This is generally how it went down…

We decided to do an experiment by asking our partners a few questions based on recommendations from the book. Expecting the conversations to be short, we were shocked when most of us reported having incredibly intimate talks with our spouses. Some of the conversations lasted for up to two hours and believe it or not all of us, that’s 100% of us ended up getting lucky. All of us reported the most amazing sex. Not a bad showing for a quick experiment.

Anyway we tried it again and guess what?

It happened again, we all had these great conversations and some truly amazing sex.

We knew we were onto something and decided that we needed to share this with everyone. So here’s the skinny…

“500 Intimate Questions for Couples” is an e-book written by Michael Webb, he has written a whole series of relationship related e-books and has been featured on shows like Opera.

The concept is pretty simple-first it is based on the truth that amazing sex is possible for anyone and second that the foundation for amazing sex is communication and intimacy.

Although his book seems simple -“500 intimate Questions For Couples” is much more than just a bunch of questions about sex and intimacy, the book reveals the specific order and settings that will lead to more open communication and increased intimacy between you and your partners.

Overall it’s a great idea. You put a whole bunch of questions together and teach specific techniques for creating real dialog about sex. Our group found that things really heated up when we started asking our partners questions after we had had a few drinks and were relaxed and having fun. The questions were well written and had a very logical progression that made our conversations fun and exciting. It didn’t take too long to get to the “nitty-gritty” questions and they were actually lots of fun to ask and to answer.

But, you probably shouldn’t go through more than 30-50 questions at a time. Not only do the questions stir up great conversations, they can get really emotional and can lead to the most amazing sex. In fact, if you follow the steps outlined in his book you may find that “500 Intimate Questions for Couples” ­ is better than porn for guys and better than a romance novel for women.

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