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We thought that title might grab your attention, especially as it follows the royal wedding. What a statement about our society that the royal couple would be living together and most likely having sex long before marriage and the “first kiss” before an adoring crowd!

It’s not considered scandalous, but it should be. Sex is not worth waiting for in our society. Marriage is just a sheet of paper rather than the divine institution it is supposed to be. And as a follow-up to our royal wedding blog, where sex normally follows marriage and not the other way around, we present a question from a blog follower and our answer, about sex:

Question:I have heard from people that Adam and Eve did not have sex for forty years and then only after Satan had sex with her. I think that this to was a type of Passover that never brought any joy. I also hear that for a thousand years after Jesus returns there will not be any sex. So why would anyone want to enter this type of joy that passes over sex?

Answer: You have an interesting comment and question. The forty-year no-sex idea re: Adam and Eve is quite possible, but we have no proof of it. However, Genesis 4:1 has certain implications in the Hebrew.

Whether or not the “man” Eve had sex with was indeed her husband Adam, which it appears is the case, the indication is that Satan appeared to her as he often does, as an angel of light, masquerading as “the Eternal” or Jesus, and seduced her before her husband could impregnate her. It seems the child Cain was from or “with the Eternal” or the false creator Satan.

John speaks of Cain, who was of the evil one (I John 3:12). Verses have many meanings, and this verse could imply not only the fact that Cain was of Satan in the sense of being evil, but that he was also in a literal sense the son of Satan by virtue of Satan converting into physical form to have sex with Eve just before Adam did.

Genesis 3:15 takes on added meaning in this scenario. Satan actually had a literal seed in the line of Cain, the evil line. But the prophecy shows Eve would one day have another seed other than Cain, not only the righteous lines of Abel and Seth, but the Messiah, Jesus, who would one day come from her ancestry to defeat and destroy Satan’s seed.

The final revival of the Roman Empire will be associated with a great church that bears the mark of Cain, the eight-pointed star and the Sunday worship Cain started, the mark of Cain and the mark of the beast.

As far as the typically masculine comments on sex, yes, there will be sex in the Millennium among the physical people. The church is the Bride of Jesus and those saints will have glorified physical bodies like Jesus, with flesh and bone and no blood, sustained by the life of God, with inherent eternal life. The indications are that they will have a unifying experience with their Bridegroom that is far more pleasurable than physical sex.

It’s hard, especially for men it seems, to envision anything that could surpass the pleasure of sex, but God says at His right hand are pleasures forevermore, and He only gives good things. Don’t you think the good God who gave us in marriage the wonderful blessing of sex and mutual sexual satisfaction would give a much greater equivalent in His future plan of ecstasy between Jesus and His bride?

Young people especially who may miss out on the joys of marital sex will not be deprived of a similar and more fulfilling and pleasurable experience forever, in view of the indications of the original languages, and it makes sense because God wants His children to have the best of pleasures. He does not want them to be deprived of any good thing. It is only as we are willing to put Him first that He says He will add all things to us and give us richly all things to enjoy.

We men especially need to realize, in this sex-crazed society that surrounds us and beckons us, that sex is not everything, and that sex is not a need like food and water, even though some men may think it is. Jesus lived over thirty-three years without physical sex, and He was the most joyous and happy man that ever lived, even though He endured His share of sorrows that He laid down to His Father. He was looking forward to the intimacy and ecstasy of love with His future bride, a mystery we have not yet fully unraveled.

Robert B. Scott is an author, pastor, and healing and teaching evangelist. He pastors Freedom Church of God in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he is a regular speaker on the popular radio Internet station, His author web site is, He has published “Why Doesn’t God Heal Me?” as well as “Peace or Rejection — You Choose.” His latest book is, “Bible Code Broken — The Truth about the Christian Sabbath. Soon to be published is “God’s Fruit of Forgiveness,” an insightful book on forgiveness he co-authors with Youth Pastor Scott Bishop. Robert is priviileged to work with Gerald Budzinski, who is one of the foremost authorities today on curses and demonic strongholds.

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