Understanding Male Psychology – What Sex Means to Him

Do you wonder what sex means to you? Do you want to have a great relationship, but sex seems to be in the way? Do you wonder if you need to make the guy you are seeing wait for sex? Sex has become a difficult issue. It is no longer a clear cut issue that it was in days gone by. That leaves many women wondering what sex means to him.

Days Gone By.
History has gone through a lot of different stages. At one time men weren’t allowed to have sex with women unless they were going to marry them. Having sex with a woman before marriage brought about serious issues. Then history changed a bit and women started having sex with men, but it wasn’t talked about much. Women were told though that men wouldn’t, “buy a cow if he could get the milk for free”. With women’s rights, women’s liberation, and feminism women were allowed to enjoy sex. It was okay to enjoy it, to admit it, and these things didn’t make you a bad person. However with all these historical changes women are confused as to how they get the relationship they want and what sex means to him.

Sex and Relationships.
For many women it is easy to connect with a man emotionally when you have sex. This can make a woman think that there is a level of commitment there that just doesn’t have to be there for a man. Men easily think of sex and relationships as different things that aren’t tied together in any way. He will have no problem having sex with you while not building any other sort of relationship. This can be hard for women, but sex and relationships don’t have to go hand in hand.

Becoming Girlfriend Material.
In order to become girlfriend material in the eyes of men you will really need to make him wait for sex. You need to give him time to build a bond with you that is deeper then the physical. This is because sex will give him the connection that he needs and is easier than an emotional one. Make sure you wait for sex till you know what he wants and till you have started to make a bonded relationship.

What Sex Means To Him.
Boiled down in its simplified form and understanding that not all men are exactly the same, most men think of sex as a physical need and an enjoyable practice. It has nothing to do with love and can take place outside of a relationship. Many men even think it can take place outside a relationship easier then in one.

Sex is a complicated thing. If you want to have some fun and are just looking for sex then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you want to have a relationship and become his girlfriend then you will need to know what sex means to him and you will need to wait until you know each other better before having sex.

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