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Why Lube May possibly Lead to a Red or Itchy Penis

When it comes to sex, comfort and excitement go hand-in-hand. That is why acquiring down to the key occasion is generally created much better with a generous application of lubricant – in reality, most females say the sex is much better when lube is involved. Any man who practices great penis care also knows that lubricants are wonderful for adding a bit of spice to the masturbation expertise as properly.

But often, a man could possibly stroll away from a sexual encounter with a red penis, or even worse, a red and itchy penis. Although his initially believed could possibly be a sexually transmitted illness, the culprit could possibly be a lot easier and much less frightening: It could be the lube he was utilizing.

Why does lube lead to a red penis?

Lube is especially developed to be utilised on the most private locations of the physique, so it tends to make sense that it would be mild and gentle to the skin. Even so, some people today come across that lubes are really irritating. This is in particular correct if it is a ‘warming’ lube or one particular that has some thing added to it for flavor, colour or sensation. These added components can be sufficient to leave a man with a red penis, and possibly even leave his companion with a pretty itchy scenario as properly.

But in some circumstances, it truly is the lube itself that causes the dilemma. This generally benefits from a man utilizing a lot of lube throughout sex, but when it really is time to clean up, he’s not pretty cautious about generating confident all of it is washed away. The excess lube left on the skin can dry rather immediately, and that can lead to the telltale itchiness and redness.

For some males, it really is the kind of lube that is at problem. Oil-primarily based lubes have a tendency to final longer and really feel slicker than water-primarily based or silicone-primarily based, but the petroleum solution of an oil-primarily based lube can lead to skin irritation. Silicone-primarily based lubes are tougher to wash away than water-primarily based, which suggests they are wonderful for longevity, but a man must usually wash them away cautiously to stay away from a red and itchy penis scenario. The similar is correct for water-primarily based lubes, which have a tendency to rub away rather speedy, and that can lead to far more generous application.

Lastly, bear in mind that some lubes have spermicidal components. Although these can be wonderful for an added layer of protection against pregnancy, they can be harsh on the penis skin. If a man is utilizing this kind of lube, it is pretty crucial to shower right after sexual activity, so as to get rid of any lingering spermicide.

How to ease the red or itchy penis

The great news is that a red or itchy penis as a outcome of lube is straightforward to repair. A man must just take care to wash the location pretty completely, and if he sees any redness, swelling, irritation or rash, take into account switching lube just before the subsequent encounter. If the dilemma persists, make an appointment with the physician to figure out what is going on and how to alleviate the dilemma – it is attainable that an ongoing reaction is triggered by an allergy to one particular of the components in the lube.